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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.


Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

Ahahah yous are all daft this app is fuckin wank

1 hour trying to compile scss so I can change a fucking font name, thank you node-neat && node-bourbon, task automation my ass! Fuck IT

People who call on site meetings on Friday, at quitting time should be stoned to death!

I really do not understand how so many retards can end up IT HR.

Telesketch iPhone App
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A multiplayer, drawing game from the idiot behind Coding Confessional.
più figa meno codice

So tired of working with a bunch of nerds and weirdos.

I hate it when people assign a value to a variable, immediately test it, and then never use the variable again. Same thing when people assign a variable and then immediately return it. Just test/return the value directly. Goddammit.

99% of what we do is straight nigger work

There is a bug in my C++ project, the reason probably being a third party library that isn't correctly compiled. So instead of properly fixing the bug, I'm going to re-implement myself the functionality. It will be quicker.

If you get to your 30's without kids, how do you fight off the urge to kill yourself. Even with the money we make, life could not be more boring. We have 30-40 years left of this garbage?

If two people push their asses together really tight and align their buttox, could one transfer shit into the others asshole?

Hopefully the market can hold out for 2018. Think going back to shaking blood bags for the Red Cross might be the answer.

I miss someone I put a restraining order against. :(

Holly fux!... just finished 3 hours of listening to architecture talks at my new company... Had to pinch my self. Stab my self. Whatever to avoid falling sleep... did it! Tomorrow more struggles...

I am the best programmer in the universe. Before you Condemn me, let me fill in some context. I belong to the group of individuals who genuinely want to get the project they are currently working on done. I love to learn, and ever seek the best way to do the best thing. In this game, there ain't no reconciling for speed. Its about architecture, and writing safe code can properly mutate. So I am one of these, and you should be too. We are the best programmers in the world.

The more I write js for serverside the more I feel like I should not be a programmer anymore, i bet the guy who made this same site in WordPress finished it last year, literally millions of other developers could figure out the MEAN stack in days, I must be one dumb motherfucker. Well I'll try my luck making cgi, at least I was good at that.

Windows 10 is: Good (ABSOLVE) or Crap (CONDEMN).

I waste too much time on coding confessional

I once bought a book to teach myself cobol

Blockchain is cool.

Why are women so opposed to rape? I love being raped by stronger men (almost everyone hahah) in my mouth and manpussy. Consensual sex is a turn-off to me.

At this point Id ratter be painting fences, washing tons of dishes or digging shit with my own hands. Programming is like prostitution, the only difference is that you borrow your brain so companies can fuck it until you stroke. Fuck those impossible deadlines and this huge amount of money they are paying me, can`t take another 10 years of this... Does anyone need their lawn mowed?

If I hear one more person tell me a microservice must be written in REST, I'm going to lose my shit.

BAD-> if(condition)do this GOOD-> if(condition){do this} Without { } the code could get mangled and those simple if statements get messed up. Makes stuff explicit and easy to extend.