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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

i respect developers because it takes an unbelievable amount of persistence to become good at it. i'd say it's more about persistence than smarts. although we are smart.

Is it wrong to look up solutions on stack overflow and change it to fit your needs? sometimes i feel like an imposter.

there is a cute girl at work

Going to regret marking all these tasks as completed. I could have easily sat on them for at least the rest of this week. Fuck.

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i wish i had some tits in my face right now

Why scala... When there is Clojure!!!!

Programming line of business applications got boring after some years. Even switching languages and frameworks does not help.

How do you combat nervousness at an interview? I always have a hard time navigating between saying enough and saying too much that isn't relevant -- which then feels like i am making an attempt to be picked last for the dodgeball game.

Every morning I have headaches and feel nauseous. Medical tests say I'm fine. It's probably stress but I don't know what to do.

I saw a billboard yesterday that said "Hello World" -- automatically caught my attention, and for good reason too! It was an ad for a computer science event (for kids) at a local science center. Sadly non-coding parents of nerdy kids won't get it and won't take the time to read the small print. :(

I am pretty sure there is a built-in indent obfuscator in most of IDEs.

I have a project for a client to work on but I've been spending more time on a personal project

I've been doing Objective-C for the past 5 years, and I'm super lazy to learn Swift. I just hate it

What do you call someone who knows only one language? JS Full stack developer.

I've been doing JS for 5 years... I hate it.

My major is Computer Science, I have a History Mandatory final exam and I'm not willing to study and get 50% in this course. I'm a programmer and I don't care about this sh*t .

I wish I could just go to work, code, and not have to talk to anyone. Go to work, code, leave. ☺️

"Hopefully you'll be fired." guy should be banned.

Ctvw8 When designers misuse the terms build/create. " I'm building this app".... But the so called "app" is only the design. P.S I'm a web designer.

I don't know how to TDD

DevOps engineer is Ops engineer with fancier

Scemo chi legge. Ma soprattutto, smettila di procrastinare e lavora.

Submitted a technical test for an automotive company just before Xmas eve. Got feedback last Thursday. The feedback included gems such as "badly named variables", "magic numbers" and "could have been more separated out". Re-read my submission and only magic numbers was on test data, and decimal places. If people can't spot decimal places or recognise test data, in the absence of real database data, I despair. I also was told I had "unlimited" time to deliver a solution - so let me get this right, you want Unity and Automapper in a tech test too?? Fuck right off!!!!!!!

I'm a programmer. I love Bach.