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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.


Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

I don't contribute back to open source. When I get home the last thing I want to do is code more. Especially for free.

Why do Indian recruiters fucking mumble on the phone? If I can't understand you how is the job you're representing me for understand you?

STOP UPDATING OUR BUILD SOFTWARE NEEDLESSLY AND BREAKING EVERYTHING YOU FUCKING MORON Honestly, has anyone seen a more kiked up nose than this. Holy moly.

Telesketch iPhone App
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had three hot-dogs and two beers

Date date = new Date() This is exactly the sort of thing I fucking hate about Java.

Oh look, another fucking drag queen cartoon for kids :| Drag Tots. Sounds great. How long are we going to allow kikes to poison the country with this garbage. Warm up the ovens.

My average day at the office - Make coffee, work for a couple hours, coffee wears off, wait for lunch. Eat lunch, watch youtube, look at job sites, and sometimes side projects. Go home, sleep, repeat.

i fake it until i make it

I'm black and have a small dick

I administer an updated version of the Turing Test on my human coworkers and they often fail

I put peanut butter on my dick and let my employees lick it off, and I have to admit I enjoyed it. Thinking of letting them straddle me doggy style during status meetings.

WE NEED TO BE MORE AGILE. Fuck yeah we do!

Glad that they're going to keep the illegal children with the adults. They don't deserve any special treatment anyway. They're just a few short years from being just as disgusting and filthy as their parents.

I came home from work and found my wife sucking a dog's cock. I was shocked and just about out the door when I noticed her installing Linux. How could she betray me? LINUX, for fucks sake!!!

I think iframes are disgusting.

I often take 3x as long to finish tasks. This menial junior dev work is beneath me. Hard to understand why I went from solution architect to this DIDO legacy garbage. The pay, of course. But is it worth my soul.

Chugged a beer the second I got to work this morning. About to be 2 more soldiers down before lunch.

I live in a third world country and I always dreamed to immigrate to a first world country to work as a web developer. Now I'm 24 years old, and the fact that I still didn't immigrate yet is giving me anxiety and so much pressure.

The works not great here but the beaver is. The marketing girls all look like models!

mga putangina niyong lahat gago ang babano niyo mag program PHP is the future mga tanga python is shit

No one should be allowed to choose a development methodology or framework like Kanban or Scrum unless they have a minimum of 5 years experience as a developer.

Essa bolsa fica de cú doce a manhã inteira, daí chega de tarde ela resolve subir.

Doubt it will do so, but I hope this continued $GEVO run makes claytrader give serious consideration to blowing his brains out.