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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.


Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

Spent months learning to program for an old gaming console, pretty sure that's an important skill in the future, will get me my parents approval and a girlfriend.

Fuck it, I'm making this political ! We need a #PirateParty in the US to protect and extend the 4th amendment as it applies search and seizures of Digital property. If you work for Verizon or another ISP, you need to stand up for everyone's rights and refuse to build apps that invade our privacy.

I've sat at work for 4 days this week doing freelance work instead of bug fixing a project that has been running for 7 months.

I'm senior dev, I love my job but I get paid as an intern and I had told so to my supervisor... so after almost a year, I'm thinking about quitting.

Telesketch iPhone App
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A multiplayer, drawing game from the idiot behind Coding Confessional.
I use Ruby. Not Rails.

I want to spend my whole free time after work coding my personal projects, but I can't because my hands hurt.

Many like to quote the buddha saying life is suffering, no my friends, web development is suffering.

I hate my boss.. I want to change job but I fear the new job could be worst than this one..

Lead Python Programmers Co-Worker: Some of the things you do make me (Face Palm) Me: I can take constructive feed back and fw blame to others.

The IT department where I work has an excel spreadsheet with the password of every employee.

Deep inside, we all want to have our own start-up :)

I just hit the Ballmer-peak!! :D

I wrote a bot to copy from stackoverflow for me.

I can't code in open space offices.

My keyboard is so dirty that I have my own private ecosystem under my fingers.

my problem solving routine: 1) complicate the problem up to the point that it requires a PhD a year long research. 2) give up.

Pet projects say alot about how a coder values themselves, when asked to interview I always ask them about their pet projects, many people can drop heavy GPA's and impressive work experience, but side projects are another thing all together, interviewed this one kid who hadn't set foot in a lecture room in his life, but as I was about to send him out I asked what he's doing on the side, he have me a url, what I found there just blew my head right off.

Sometimes I think marketing would be a better career choice. But I might turn into a snake?

My programming teacher gets wet when she sees my project. I won my class a pizza party.

I mix tabs and spaces.

Not releasing code because it's "not pretty" is very lame. Usefulness is more important than prettiness.

I try to program alone so I don't feel obligated to comment.

I really need to make an honest effort to be most positive this year. I don't want to wake up being a bitter old man one day. At least not much older than I am now. I am blessed. I need to try and be more thankful. I am also a bit drunk :|

After hello world and little messing around I wrote a rubik's cube solving program in C (1986), after reading K&R C. No purpose to it really. Just did it for kicks.

C++ is like a drunk stepfather that beats you up every night before bed. It's an abusive relationship at the best of times.