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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.


Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

To lazy to implement a well-written sorting algorithm I once populated a list control in Visual Basic 6, set to hidden visibility and sorted, and then read the items from the top to order them.

Sometimes I like to imagine a world where only I am allowed to write software

I publicly disclosed security flaws after being told specifically not to fix them.

I completely rewrote a functioning application because it was originally written in vb .net.

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I don't work 90% of the time I am paid to do so.

I am not a developer, I currently have completed a semester of Java programming in high school but I love coming here to learn what not to do.

I actively resist all style guides and syntax conventions.

I don't use frameworks and just write spaghetti callback based javascript and tell everyone I'll just go back and refactor it later. I never go back and refactor it.

I almost never write comments, and when I do, they're always both cryptic and deceptive.

I told them I would check in the test ASAP, but I never did. They never noticed.

I am grossly overpaid.

I couldn't understand/work through the framework bugs, so I convinced the management to let me rip it out and write myself.

I never think about boundaries when writing loops. I just let it run infinitely and break when a condition is satisfied.

Years ago, while I was still a beginner, I littered codebases with variable names like boo, foo and zoo. The fact that I did that still haunts me to this day.

I have used monkeypatching in Python.

I build web applications and I don't use node.js, coffeescript, dart, typescript, angular, ember, <framework/library of the week on github>

I've been programming for 25+ years and still have no idea how to structure a program.

I knowingly waste my time creating ridiculously secure log in systems -- I'm talking about multiple level, 1000 character hashes & salts -- just so I have more work hours...

If I ever won the lottery, I would spend every last dime hiring an army of hitmen to kill everyone who's ever been involved in the development or propagation of Internet Explorer.

I can't stand the code the next guy wrote. So I deleted the whole thing and re-wrote it.

I copy and paste.....

Sometimes I close the ticket, knowing that it's not really resolved....

I come from Java and Python. I think frontend web development is scary and hairy. I don't know how people manage to create gnarly yet hacky things out of it. I'm tempted to blog in plaintext so I don't get distracted by all these web conventions.

I don't test..........

I always google the things I need instead of referring to the documentation.