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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.


Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

I hate Apple phones and computers.

If the first three "languages" you list on your resume are HTML, CSS and Angular, you're going to have a bad time. You should go ask for your money back from your shit boot camp.

Angular 2 Sucks!!! Too many new concepts, too many classes, interfaces, types, syntax, too many of everything. Building a web application should be simple and a framework for doing that should embrace the power of javascript and html, not transforming it into something else, definitely too over engineered.

"If you loathe PHP, well, it's written in PHP. Sorry. It is a victim of circumstances. We assert it is well-written PHP, at least."

Telesketch iPhone App
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A multiplayer, drawing game from the idiot behind Coding Confessional.
Great. Now at 6 hours without getting a response. I guess I will continue to not do a fucking thing until you answer my question.

This indian dude in my office has the quietest voice I've ever heard. A whisper is louder than his normal volume.

Number 1 sin of startups : making something they think is cool rather than something which is actually useful. Going into business isn't some fun "make our dreams come true" type deal, it's a calculated pain in the ass. Why do you think insurance is still the number 1 one business in the world?

We're all universally fucked. Nothing that we're building nowadays is safeguarding our future employment or prosperity. We are slowly digging ourselves into a pit of misery and potential redundancy with the increasing prevalence of workforce automation and AI. There is a magical pixie dust theory that somehow when all human jobs are replaced with robots, that running costs will be so low, we will all be able to earn money for doing nothing! Good luck with that...

Alot of the people at my new job come in at 6 am or earlier....go to lunch at 10:45 lol. I don't think I will survive

Can i not go to Monrovia and develop the website from here? i asked, she said no, you have to go there and meet the clients, If you can't imagine a picture of hell, go to Liberia, it's vivid.

beta release: when you know it has bugs. final release: when you don't.

I struggle with coprophagia :(

Preface: I've struggled with chronic insomnia since I was a teenager; not the "can't fall asleep" insomnia like you see in the movies, but real "even if I sleep all I want when I wake up I'm going to feel like I just got off a three day bender every single morning" insomnia. A few weeks ago, I took a day off work due to extreme fatigue, and explained myself to my supervisor the next day. Her response was basically: "oooh, so you can't sleep? It should be easy for you to make up the lost time then." Confession: I have done absolutely zero work since then, opting instead to write a mobile game to make money on the side so I can resign from this clusterfuck.

I'm still amazed at my ability to make myself sound busy and productive in status meetings/SCRUMs/whatever else you want to call it this week. Honestly, over half of what it's taken to survive in my career for this long (and, I suspect, survival in pretty much any office environment) is proficiency in this skill.

Working in an office has made me hate people more than I already did or thought possible. Never seeing another human being again would be a treat.

Needing to take drugs to be able to come into work and not feel instant hated for what I do everyday is a good sign, right?

Sure excited to get coding today. Enjoyable job.

"Welcome to Hell" said my lead developer, and gave me hundreds of trello tickets to fix our company website (which is a bunch of copy pasted code from stack overflow). When I asked that what is that X variable is doing (you read it right. the variable is X), he couldn't answer it. (P.S.: sorry about my english)

When I find myself around company politics I hope the world ends promptly.

I absolve my own confessions

Didn't go to work today, I really hate the workplace that I'm working with. Maybe today, i think? would be my last day of work. I was terrified of my supervisor, any moment now em' gonna receive a call from her. So i decided to turn my phone on airplane mode. *Evil Laugh*

The java symbol is illuminati, anyone can see it, the old eye in the triangle, mofos, want it or not, #workingforthedarklord

Two people were approached for promotions to management on my team. Both of them are minorities and turned it down. They both recommended me instead. However I'm apparently too white and my company wants "diversity" so no one gets promoted.

I'm unemployed and the longer it lasts the more I hate people who are fully employed and making enough money to not worry about it. I know it's wrong but right now I want to smash every beamer, Porsche I see with a hammer. I want to run into LinkedIn's office in SF and scream like a fucking maniac. This system is designed for bullshitters to succeed.