Coding Confessional

Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.


Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

This sure isn't boring.

I miss when places I'd work at had break rooms you could smoke in.

Cooking Confessional: everyone loves my cooking, but all I really do is vary between different ways of delivering broth cubes and roux. s/broth cubes/databases/g s/roux/styles/g

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Being a Front End developer is easy, it's like riding a bike. Except the bike is on fire, You're on fire, everything is on fire, and you are in hell

Grilling hamburgers aint so bad.

I am an impostor. I starred in a film called The Impostor. I impost.

I have started to advertise myself on Linked In as an impostor. Tomorrow I am going for an interview for a low paid menial job. Programming was not for me after all.

I did freelance work for a few years but it was so difficult acquiring clients as an introvert, not to mention chasing for money and the hassle that comes with that, so I just fucked it all off and decided to find work doing whatever I could, and that's where I stayed. This was several years ago, and it's what I still do. I see people bullshit their way into management, big mouths and no brains running the show everywhere I go. Sometimes I wish I was more extroverted and loud and maybe even a bit rude to people. Nice people don't go anywhere in life.

I can't stand slow people. It gets even worse if they don't speak decent English. I have to explain everything again and again. Even the simplest thing I say like "yeah" "right" will be responded with a "huh?" "What?" Like how the hell did you get hired in IT if your brain works this slow

Can you please do a fucking git pull before pushing?

I've worked in Front-end development for nearly 5 years. I can easily become a programmer, but reading confessions from here makes me think it's too stressful.

I have decided to admit I was an impostor after all and quit the profession.

22 years building web sites. Just turned 44. My advise to younger guys is get paid, plan your retirement right away, even if its just 20 bucks a week. You can't take the perks home. Nobody will respect how good you are until you move beyond lead to manager or director. Dont be a jerk to even your weakest coworkers. When you are 40 in a youth oriented tech culture, it gets harder and harder to find a new gig.

Curiosity. I confess I'd like to know by thumbs up/down, how often we complete our sprint goals. Thumbs Up = Met Last Sprint. Thumbs Down = Did NOT meet last sprint goals. Reason I'm curious is because i'm new to the whole scrum thing, and it seems like the entire team never hits the sprint goal, and we just watch it never burn down, and noone gets in trouble. Fucking insane!

You think politics does fake news? Wait till you've read some tech writers. SQL is dying, Linux has had more than a decade of its "year of desktop", iOS is the most important app market, everybody tests, Enterprise is the most important, web is the most important, virtualization has taken over, etc etc.

Watching playtesters fumble with tutorials makes me wonder how they survive.

Fuck all of you Son of a bitch And just go to 自慰

I fucking HATE coding for a living. I can't believe how far removed the actual work I do is from I was promised and from how I see "coding careers" being advertised. I had no allusions that this would be a glamorous career, simply that I could do what I enjoyed for a living, learn new languages and frameworks and architect software that actually makes a difference to peoples lives! Man WAS I WRONG! All I do is sit and review other people's broken code in tiny portions. I never see the full picture, I have no involvement in the final product, just this tiny insignificant BORING and MONOTONOUS repetitive garbage quality control bullshit. Fuck this shit.

I'm getting a lot of condemns on a previous confession, so allow me to clarify. If you get a college degree, the school does matter. I was called "self-taught" by an interviewer because my school had stupid (non-descriptive) names for its degree programs. A more "standard" school would've given me an edge because the degree titles actually say what the fuck we studied.

New Hires: Female Minority Female Female White Guy Minority Female Minority Male Minority Female Female There isn't a single female programmer in America. None.

I hate re-sharper. It takes all the fun out of coding.

I hate seeing these ads everywhere over hyping my job as a programmer cool and a game changer..... it sucks so stop lying.

Sometime QA gets on my nerves.

coders get no respect whatsoever.