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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

Safari is the new IE!

Today, I like to confess which is not very bad from my application point of view but good to be honest. Different applications shared some log directory and as part of my deployment testing I deleted all the existing log files(my application and other applications files managed by different team).

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. set a man on fire and he will be dead forever.

What ruins software development are too many frameworks, too many new tools to keep up with, and, worst of all, too many arrogant "smartest guy in the room" types.

Telesketch iPhone App
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Rather than spend an hour telling a customer how to fix a problem I've just sent them a link to the solution at

can't focus right now, I'm divorcing my wife. She just applied for government involvement, and they have called me to get the payment plan happening... In a sense I'm happy, but in other sense, is destroying me... oh well another chapter. At least I know how to pretend to program I guess...

hey lazy animals, use to pretend you are working... so it looks like you are typing something hahahaha

The low rumble of our open office has built to a thundering crescendo over the course of the afternoon. I haven't done anything productive for a few hours. I probably will head out soon since the day is now a lost cause.

I have 15 years coding. Only one or two projects made their way to production. Most of the time the project was cancelled, or I spent so little time working in the project that I never knew what happened in the end. I use most of my time studying for my next (better paid) job while I wait for requirements or some other shit to be defined.

For real though, if there is such a big market for (btw, you are a faggot if you're into that), how would there not be a market for Bobs getting smothered.

I don't get what all this hate against js for everything is about, I get to write only one language forever, for everything, C++, python, ruby, java and whatever else can Go fuck themselves.

Some shitty outsourcing company sent me an email to my work address trying to sell me outsourced devs. It says their outsourced people can be ramped out and pushing to production in 2 weeks (lol). In the words of the legendary commenter here: Go Fuck Yourself

She's turned the weans against us

Another fulfilling day of sitting in front of monitors all day. Exciting!

Glad the gay posts have been removed. Coding Confessional is back!

our cto choose move from laravel to codeigniter 3... i wanna cry

I want our agile scrotum master to choke me.

after I complete the task I mentioned in the morning scrum, that's it for me, I listen to music and read the rest of the day...

Kind of hoping the we all end up having to find new careers because we get'd. Might suck at first, but we would all probably be better off in the long run. Faggot work.

This Javascript bullshit has gotten way out of hand. Kids don't want to take the time to learn new technologies or languages, so they keep porting this garbage to do shit it wasn't meant to do.

I feel like I'm standing at a railroad switch during code reviews, desperately trying to get the train to not go to a collapsed bridge.

Scrum master? People get paid for that?

God bless Instagram, without it I would forget how is life outside this fucking room and how my family and friends looks like. You can work 24/7, almost stroke and its never enough... fuck IT

I've been binge-watching old He-Man episodes instead of finishing my duties at work. This place is a sinking ship anyway, and will be out of business within a year.

I lost faith in humanity when I saw a React (version around 15) thread with tons of people arguing about a WORKAROUND to write a custom attribute to a HTML element, ugliest hacks I've seen in my life... JSX sucks as much as React, FUCK YOU!