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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.


Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

I code on an apple ipad.

seriously what problems do we actually solve? we create fucking complex architectures to do relatively simple business logic, and we make it so difficult to understand and resource intensive that it all starts to fall the fuck apart and become one gigantic hacky mess. this is what coding is nowadays :- a gigantic clusterfuck of pointless abstractions and pointless, bloated code.

The writing style in that leaked Google essay and the replies to it sums up why I hate working in this industry. Bunch of self-obsessed wankers who think they're oh-so-brilliant while sucking at making themselves clear. Makes you want to bring up guys like Terence Tao (full math professor at UCLA at 24, Fields Medal winner) and Gennady Korotkevich (programming competition genius from a very young age), because you know people like that piss them off by shitting on their supposed brilliance. Get over yourself and your pompous-ass writing style. You're not that good.

Jizzed in my fucking space suit. Exploded into a wormhole of fucking limitless possibilities as I orbited earth in my submarine.

Telesketch iPhone App
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A multiplayer, drawing game from the idiot behind Coding Confessional.
$GOPATH - seriously, what the fuck is this about? Perl has @INC, Ruby has $LIB, Java has it's classpath - even Bash has $PATH -- so...had the creators of Go never use a computer before they sat down and designed $GOPATH? What problem could they have possibly been trying to solve which means I have to put all my code in /go/ -- I really wonder.

Android 7: Yay or Nay?

Open office plans treat work like performance art, so expect a few to be mimes.

I work in marketing at Microsoft.

What is up with all the irrelevant points? There is so much effluvia being posted I want to walk away. What comes next, partisan politics? The bumper sticker Com my truck reads 'Pat Paulsen for President.' If my rights offend your feelings, we need to meet in the middle all you other fucks can go fuck yourselves or each other ... and why is tomorrow not a valid answer for "the next day after Monday?'

I want to forget Java and sell my saggy coder butt at the street corner.

Interviewed with a multi billion dollar manufacturing company and they told me they wanted me to do QA and be a scrum master on top of the job description. They also paid $30k under the national average and offered 2 weeks of PTO. I literally laughed at them when they told me this. $70k in a city where the average house is $400k? Fuck you.

I want to forget java and learn RPG

This Froday whilst working remote I opened a beer and spent the afternoon rearranging the aliases in my .bashrc file into alphabetical order.

wow this site turned to shit, a number of condemns should lead to automatic deletion of the post or something

Sorry god.l blamed wo’d but myself.I'm guilty, I'll reflect,l m feeling miserable ab’t the whole life.All wanna to do is to let god realize that he is on the verge of death.HILE AMEN

Whenever something doesn't go in smoothly the way our bosses imagine, they conduct one-on-one spanking sessions "for subjugation" with the respective persons and then root them deeply. They almost make it sound like there's a conspiracy going on against them. This has to either be an argument tactic to put somebody on the defensive or a ridiculous incest paranoia on their end.

i hope this whole tech bubble is about to burst. i am fed up with how fickle the industry has become.

App needs a filter for Top Ranked or Best Of or smth. Most Recent category is not giving me a very good impression … be interesting ppl & stay on topic re coding! That is why I came here I guess, I thought there would be more on coding

Whenever something doesn't smoothly go the way our bosses imagine, they conduct one-on-one meetings "for clarification" with the respective persons and accuse them of "sideshow conflicts" and "deeper root problems with management". They almost make it sound like there's a conspiracy going on against them. This has to either be an argument tactic to put somebody on the defensive or a ridiculous insecurity/paranoia on their end.

The days after I finish a project and get paid are days as a truly free man, I can taste the air when I breathe in, feel the warmth of sunshine on my skin, wind through my shirt blankets me in bliss, the colors of the world tickle my eyes to look at. That's why I code, not codings sake, for the aftermath.

Real talk though... programming is a tragic fucking sausagefest isn't though? No wonder devs gossip about stupid shit and dress in skinny jeans that accentuate their butts, because they've taken on all the qualities that women would otherwise provide in the workforce.

I've look at industry web dev salaries and coders in the UK seem to be paid way less on average than the US. How come?

I hate German bureaucracy. Hitler and the holocaust happened because people blindly followed the process instead of thinking for themselves, and yet the country still has a massive hard-on for just that. Fix your stuff.

What do y'all think of all the bootcamps shutting down like iron yard and dev bootcamp, will it be a domino affect on the majority of bootcamps or will it slowly creep up. I honestly thought it was only a matter of time they were just saturating the market with too many "wana be" programmers. But who knows, the tech field changes so quickly every year who knows if programmers will still be as important or valuable in 5-10 years as they are today. They might go the way of the dodo aka system analysts ext with the help of A.I. Prepare for the A.I take over gentlemen it's coming.

Java and Objective C and all those shits take themselves too seriously, to just say hello world you have to import a bunch of shit and public static BS..but I still have to work with them