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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.


Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

I have to poop. Can this day be over already.

I do deep lunges to set the wedge when I put on my geiney shorts.

This is still a good record (and their only good one assuming we don't count under the knife). God I miss going to these shows. Being old is fucking gay.

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Does anyone really have the ability to find out who I am from this site? If so post my first and last initials.

I would like to live in the fantasy world where "code is written so clean that it doesn't need comments". Devs are pressured to move faster and to work longer every week and clean code becomes this mythical concept. Every company that preaches this has people that can't even read the shit they wrote 3 weeks ago because never bothered to comment anything.

Just inherited an app that has thousands of lines of jQuery, doing all sorts of ungodly manipulations in the DOM and strange ajax calls on random events. I wish all the AngularJS complainers would be forced to debug this monster.

I am a complete loser. Can't even convince anyone to give me a job. I have never worked in tech and am only a wannabe.

it's rude to label someone else's PR as "for personal review only" without them asking (if it's from a community member). how do you know?

Runtime permissions!!! Fucking RUNTIME Permissions!

Kendo UI is amazing!

Fuck! Fuck you! "we have to work in weekend so we can finish". How about you doing your job, answering questions in 1 hour not 12 hours so instead of me mint rubbing during the week I can actually get some work done and not have to mint rub all the weekend in front of the computer because you moron will still not answer the questions I have.

I think the world is full of retards that don't understand the difference between instant messaging and mail. Listen motherfuker, if you open a instant chat, say hi and then leave because you got distracted by something else you are retarded. Why the fuck did you interrupt me if you can not focus on this chat, the mail if for fire and forget things, chat should be interactive you moron!

I feel like if I could end my life with the push of a button I would.

I have worked on enterprise before, but now after a few years in startups, come back to work in a gov department... well, im liking it, slow moving pace, no taking work home, dress every day in an elegant uniform, getting payed more to produce less... learning on the job while getting payed... knowing that my fellow citizens will be touched by my lines of code... mmm

RS3 order finally got moved from wait list to factory. FINALLY!!!!!!

One of our legacy app is html mixed with inlined js... prettier like to add ';' after my html tags thinking it is jsx tags. I'm going to write a jquery script to remove them on document ready.

nobody gives a FUCK about your "clean code". just sort the fucking problem out that you get paid to fix. you don't get paid to write "elegant and expressive" code, you get paid to fucking sort some problem out. if you and the other cunt don't understand each others code, you are both fucking morons. so shut the fuck up, take the dildo out of your anus and stop acting like a pompous prick. fix the problem. that's what you get paid for.

Did anyone watch the MS E3 conference? Notice how there was basically zero noise when they showed the 991 GT2 RS? What a bunch of faggots.

I should start waking up earlier so I can get a nice poop in before getting to work. Getting sick of holding these shits in for 10 hours every day.

I see some posts from devs who say my project A did no testing and it works great, while project B was agile (testing and all that that implies) and is inferior. First, the two are likely not comparable in scope, requirements, or anything else so you incorrectly inferring causality. Second, you should be spending money on testing. Nobody has enough money to spend on testing, so you have to be smart. IMHO if you don't test, you are professionally remiss and you are legally exposed to actions taken against you by any client. I. will. not. work. for. anyone. who. doesn't. test.

tbh, react jsx looks a lot like with xml literals =)

Früher waren die besten Progger irgendwie Nerds im Background, die mit ner Kanne Kaffee die halbe Nacht durchprogrammiert haben. Heute sitzen dann irgendwelche Jünglinge im Anzug am runden Tisch und veranstalten Meetings im Scrum Stil. Affig finde ich.

Apparently, everybody in my team thinks that: if ((condition1) && (condition2)) ... Is better than: if (condition1 && condition2) For duck's sake >_<

I hate Html and CSS I hate so much!! I course Cs and my teacher teach Html and CSS but I'm low level fan.