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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.


Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

I used to have one of the top-rated dicks on ratemyschlong.

If you hate your job why the fuck did you choose IT? All you are doing is adding to the problems, driving down wages and making talented people hate it as well. Do the world a favor and change careers.


Dealing with this amount of boredom for years on end feels like fucking torture.

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People with three years of real world experience are being promoted to senior developer . If that doesn't sound wrong to you, then you're part of the problem.

Humanity is so fucked up.

Shared private keys

Chew my flaccid cabbage labia shaking uncontrollably as i walk like some sort of Parkinson's infested beef curtain.

Programming is full of obnoxious blowhards.

Sometimes I feel like putting "it's good shit, trust me" as the pull request message.

I don't really want to program the stuff I'm paid for...

I'm a CTO. I haven't made anything that matters in over a year, and I don't see an end in sight. I work in an agency environment, and quite honestly most of the time I don't really care very much about whether our clients succeed or fail. It sucks to not care about your work - don't do what I did.

Every time I see a blog post or news about security and it has a screenshot of some PHP code, I just let it pass... Not serious at all

Instead of paying you competitively we're just going to give you these free garbage snacks. Amazing!

You are honestly almost 30 years old? You are about as mature as a fucking 16 year old. FAGGOT.

My colleagues fucking suck at documentation. People seem to think that IT is some special realm where rules of good communication don't apply. It isn't. You're just borderline illiterate.

Front End is nolonger covering UI aka CSS and DOM manipulation or basic design. It is now what middleware was 20 years ago. Many NG/React people I work with use floats and they are young. Is being upset with that bad?

What the fuck was this day about?!

Pepe As a junior developer I haven't made anything or learned anything in the past month. Why do I even have to go to work? They could just pay me and I could stay at home playing with my pecker.

You think you're going to be getting paid top dollar for web dev work in 5 or 10 years time? Time to swallow a bitter pill - "web dev" will be as frowned upon and devalued as "web design" within a short few years. And there's no amount of "expanding your skills" that will help.

3-th monitor is just for youtube

I'm older than all of my team members at work by at least 10 years. Yet I'm the only one that isn't bald.

She is a well laid trap.