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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

I hate Swift. The hoops I have to go through to do simple stuff is simply unbelievable!

bird lady be birding

I think web development is as over-engineered as it is because web developers have an inferiority complex towards developers who do real work, like system programming and hardware design. People in those fields tend to keep it relatively simple and straightforward, so web developers feel they have to separate themselves somehow. In their incompetence, they've forgotten that simplicity is a good thing.

What's better: working for an agency or being a webmaster for a random business?

Telesketch iPhone App
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A multiplayer, drawing game from the idiot behind Coding Confessional.
I will readily admit that I am an average developer, better at some things and weaker in other areas. But I will give 100% true updates and reports all of the time. If I'm not finished or if something is broken I will tell anyone. After 10+ years in corporate life I am still somewhat amazed at the number of people who completely bail on an assignment, report it as complete, and move on unscathed. It's always happened, but it's gotten decidedly worse. It's like the whole system is breaking down.

For the last months I'm very tired and stressed doing my job, but I have a team with good persons. Sometimes I think write code it's not long a pleasure but when I get home and write my own project I'm feel very happy. So, I don't no if it's are another human insatisfaction or need to go somewhere else.

getting out of web development. shit is a joke. stacks change too often, frameworks are a bloated complex mess, the industry is full of parasites and leeches, everything that comes out is a bandaid on a broken inadequate platform, tech moves faster than anyone can keep up with it, only appeals to young 18-24 year olds with no other focus or commitments, prime for exploitation and eventual burnout. fuck this industry.

Goddamn it Zurb, you hired a piece of shit Indian Developer and now our code base is trash. I'm going to quite I've been with the company a long time and I'm going to quit soon. I cant stand this dumbass or his shit code. We used to handle clients like Pixar... Now what?

To all the James Damore fans, you suck at sex and probably have a small penis. No really.

Icon-vuejs Vue.js is much better than React.

I have no life or hobbies and I have pushed out my loved ones with my ego. All the while my boss who can barely use a computer makes $50k more than I do. But I know how to reverse a binary tree so please respect me because I have nothing else worth any tangible value in my existence.

BLM supporter kills five cops. Movement doesn't get blamed. Antifa smashes up a dudes car, he freaks and runs people over. All whites and conservatives should take the blame. Muslim runs over Innocents, Islam isn't to blame. Want a war? Keep going.

I already have to poop and the day didn't even start yet. Fuck.

All I ever wanted to be was to be a great developer, Every big project I have taken part in my life have been a good example of bad coding. It's like coding dirty is a culture in my country.

I can tell the new guy is desperately faking it.

Good segment on 60 Minutes tonight about H1Bs. They actually seemed to face reality. I was surprised.

I think I've outgrown coding, so glad I learnt this so early, it's part of the fucking service economy, like waitressing, there are literally hundreds of millions of kids learning code right now all over the world, in a few years it won't matter at all. Enough seen here, am joining the Mars settlement program.

I wish I had autism so I could obsess over Sonic all day and live off welfare.

Life is singular, But I wonder why we can't be contended with one of every thing like One Degree, One Lady, One Job, One... The Binary side of life

Life is Binary, you are either 1 or 0, Poor or rich, Wise or Foolish, Smart or dull and so much more

Sometimes I look at old code and think to myself, "who the heck wrote this crap??", before realising it was me...

Took a day off to rest my back which is been fucked for like two weeks now. Got a call from my boss asking if I can come in because it's important (more so than my fucking back I guess), and that I can rest on the weekend.

My poo hurts and my pee stings :'(

Alright to moan about sexism at Google but what about ageism? Anyone over 40 is rejected, which is retarded. 40 nowadays is not your daddy's 40.