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Anonymous Confessions from Programmers.

I've never used virtualenv in Python. I also put all my modules into a single file, and avoid class hierarchies, itertools, argparse for simple utils, and other stuff that sends you to the documentation. People like to jabber on about keeping it simple, but I don't think they know what it means.

Why are people so opposed to censored search engines in China?

My front hole itches :(

I wonder if 12 year old me had any idea how much money companies will be paying for occasional MS Paint job

Telesketch iPhone App
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A multiplayer, drawing game from the idiot behind Coding Confessional.
I don't enjoy coding. It's mind-numbingly boring and I get no personal satisfaction out of it. I'm switching careers next year!

How many developers suffer from depression and/or anxiety on a daily basis? How do you deal with it? Does the job make it worse?

Damn, I'm starting to like xslt

People that rest & vest make me sick

I use company resources for personal projects

What I like about leaving this company is using four spaces instead of three again.

I don't write unit tests

Which types of inheritance is best?

I want somebody to control me. But I don’t take orders very well. I’ve never been the strong minded person I wished to be. I understand if I don’t love myself nobody else will love me but I can’t control it. I’m awesome but I hate myself. A mixed feeling with both self confidence and self loathing.

I've been working in scrum teams for almost 10 years, Both as a scrum master and as a product owner.

I need some design based OOPs scenario.

Just had my first I'm-too-old-for-this-shit moment. I hate being challenged by new stuff. I just want to do mindless stuff that I already know. Doesn't help that most of the new stuff feels like overengineered shit either.

If code were poetry, this would be famous: return locatedValue != null && locatedValue.Trim() != string.Empty ? locatedValue : defaultValue;

A developer spent three months giving fake updates about his status on a key feature. Upon investigation turns out he made no progress and I took his project away from him. In standup every day he lectures me about using the code and business logic he developed. It takes every bit of self control I have not to bark at him "there was nothing implemented in the first place".

If code were poetry, this would be famous: s[strlen(s)] = '\0'

Alex Jones, I like him.

my coworker is a disgusting slob. i moved all the trash on his desk to where he puts his laptop so that when he gets into work he's forced to clean up. nope, he just pushes that shit aside and sits right down. how the fuck can anybody live knowing that they're absolutely disgusting?

SJWs are ruining video games. They'll only be happy when all heroes in Call of Duty or GTA are transexual non gender binary Muslims and the baddies are straight white men. I'm glad I didn't pick that industry to work in after uni.

How is it in this day and age that a woman that works as a make up artist considers herself "out of your league" for a man earning 4x her salary? Not me, I left the dating game 20 years ago...

Hey everyone! Me and my friend at work is hatching a plan to get my manager fired. We're going to tell people he is racist and then HR will fire him right?