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Anonymous #1:
I once spent a Saturday afternoon writing a sample program for a company I had applied to. They nitpicked it to death and I told the recruiter not to ever call me again. Now I refuse to do any coding at all before I'm hired. If they mention a whiteboard interview I just move on to the next opportunity.
Anonymous #2:
Similar experience to anon #1. At some point they even told me "learn how to Google". Now I don't refuse coding or whiteboard exercises outright, but I'm doing them on my terms and depending on ridiculousness ("Please show us how you'd implement Fizz Buzz") I'll pass on the "opportunity".
I hate being treated like a fresh out of school developer in interviews. Why would they ignore my experience building not only software but complete systems, and instead ask me to implement a tree sort? I mean, at that point I'm not even wanting the job anymore, and have little motivation to jump through hoops to impress them.
Maybe ask for pseudocode on a white board. With modern IDEs it seems counterproductive to memorize enough APIs, libraries, and keywords to write actual working code out by hand.