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Anonymous #1:
Jump ship now.
Anonymous #2:
So...what do they actually *do*?
they do ideation, have a stack of sticky notes, make up personas, and have wet dreams of A B testing
Anonymous #3:
Get out while you still can.
Anonymous #4:
What does UI expertise have to do with HTML? Is HTML all you can think of when you hear UI?
@anon #2, one of them sort of follows the manager around like a little puppy. One of them is sort of like their leader and him and the other guy go to meetings all the time. @anon #4, almost all of the UIs in our enterprise involve HTML in some way, it would be nice if we could get real markup instead of drawings.
Anonymous #5:
Are you in a large company? Every large company I've worked for has under skilled people in redundant positions who seem to stick around forever.
@anon 5, not the largest company I ever worked for or the smallest. IT department is probably 200 - 300 people.
Anonymous #6:
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