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Anonymous #1:
what do you do, 'non techie' dude? O wait, let me traceroute this message you just send
Anonymous #2:
Dear OP: Fuck yourself in your asshole starting now, and continue in perpetuity.
Anonymous #3:
Hey, OP, I'm one of the techies that's doing my individual, tiny part to help usher in the upcoming era of automation. Enjoy being unemployed and homeless. You deserve it. I mean that.
Anonymous #4:
Haha, "techies". What are you, 75 years old?
Anonymous #5:
Dear non-techie OP, your wishes are in vain. Technology surrounds you. Your landline phone - it's a computer. Your digital wristwatch - it's a tiny computer, even more so if it's a smartwatch. Your car - it's a rolling computer. Once you get old, that pacemaker you get implanted - it's a computer. We techies HAVE WON, and the world is better off for it. I wish you a long and happy life - we, the techies, give it our best efforts. Sincerely, part of the "poison to humanity".