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Anonymous #1:
Maybe it's because they work and are well documented?
Anonymous #2:
That algo shit is hard and required like math and stuff.
Anonymous #3:
Because writing my own linked list and stack is going to impress my employer in the CRUD business. They don't care and they don't care that you solved 150 leetcode problems. The only care about results.
Simplify! Reduce! Simplify! *rubs rat hands and grins* Says every corporate master looking to reduce the IQ requirements so they can be rid of market demand on talent. It's time we burn these training wheel IDEs to the ground and watch these jerkoffs lose their shit as their trained monkeys crash into the brick wall of merit.
Anonymous #4:
I have 15+ years coding and never faced the need for a complicate algorithm. Most of the time the problem was simple but poorly defined. I spent more time explaining basic things to the client than actually solving coding ploblems.