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Anonymous #1:
That's... actually pretty cool
Anonymous #2:
You're stupid
faggot, do you keep a screenshot of every hello world and masturbate to it?
Anonymous #3:
So basically you can handle Photoshop and add the icons to WPFApp01 and are a true marvel :D
Anonymous #4:
@suso - How much haterade do you drink everyday, you piece of scummy shit! Also yes that is pretty cool. Now I have to do it too.
Anonymous #5:
OP, so much hate from butthurt dumbfucks who've never built actual personal projects that take off. Have a brain now and then and stop fucking hating on doers.
Anonymous #6:
wow! f*ck all the books i read this year about lambda, lisp, monads etc, this is the best coding related idea! :) and i hate you, i should come up with this ;P