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Anonymous #1:
Hmmm, sounds like 1999.
Anonymous #2:
Death to all hipsters
Anonymous #3:
@OP Amen
The companies you describe shouldn't even be considered "tech". Maybe media or marketing companies.
Anonymous #4:
People will eventually see through the guise that omnipresent technology makes their lives better. It doesn't! We worker longer and harder than ever before to earn comparatively less money than before - we spend less time socializing, less time with our families, more time secluded and isolated staring at screens, staring at the world from behind a curated, censored and filtered viewfinder that slowly trickle feeds us propaganda and steals our information which is sold to agencies for billions.
Anonymous #5:
every idea has been thought of? this has been said for decades.
Anonymous #6:
@OP what you meant to say was the golden age of innovation is gone tech is more on the rise than ever there's more to tech out there than these God awful apps and start ups. Sounds like you need more fulfilling work like healthcare or using your talents for non-profit
Anonymous #7:
That's true in the startup world, but there's still lots of work to be done for established companies.
Anonymous #2:
@7: From my experience established companies are shit. They don’t really try to push the envelope, just sort of perpetuate the “busy-work” culture. They are not prepared to take new risk.
Anonymous #8:
well said op
Uber = taxi company. Air BNB = hotel. Twitter = bulletin board. Etc etc. It's all media hype and marketing.
Anonymous #9:
There are sooo many startups that do food delivery, it's getting out of hand.