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Anonymous #1:
As long as no one else has to see or use it
Anonymous #2:
.. or listen to you talk about it
Shonen bat:
No it's not you fucking noob
Anonymous #3:
^ lol trigggggeerrreeeddddd
Anonymous #4:
Making custom WordPress themes and plugins can be lucrative enough for how easy it is.
Anonymous #5:
I'd say "noooooo" it isn't, BUT hell there are so many Wordpress jobs for freelancers and (in my country) hosting companies mostly still only support PHP in their affordable packages for small customers. So .. As of today .. I do not want to but I haaave to :-/
PHP is fine. Just don't make it be what it isn't. Also why the fuck do we have to have a new thing that does the same job every 5-10 years? Stop being retards. Just for reference I once considered automating all coding. Then I realized I'm not a completely retarded piece of shit. If your life goal is to make all of us unemployed you need God and brains in your life.