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Anonymous #1:
Thanks Dad!
Anonymous #2:
It is ironic that the side effect of all these automation tools is shitty practices. Actually, maybe it's to be expected..
Anonymous #3:
How about you make sure it's working before pulling, you fucking moron!
you see it you fix, greeting from India, India is good!
#3: I didn't say I pulled you moron! I did a git fetch first, saw that the code is not even compiling (thus not even running) and got pissed off and wrote this confession here. And why on Earth I should be the one who should make sure that the code is working? If you git push a commit, you should be the one who at least makes sure that your shitty code compiles, aren't you? Then maybe I can check if it is correct or efficient.
The place I worked last year, people were committing code all the time that didn't work, or unit tests were failing, or was incomplete or just wrong. Most of the projects in Jenkins were in a failed state, some for years. The managers there were not technical at all and had no clue what a mess we had. The architects knew but had given up long before I came along, and more or less just hid from everyone until they could find another job and leave.
Anonymous #4:
I was yanking your chain OP. Plus that's what branches are for.
#4 - I see :D and yeah, totally agree that branches immensely help in these cases. But how to make someone who doesn't know how to properly use git status, git push and pull to use branches? Please
Anonymous #5:
Haha. Good point. xD
Anonymous #6:
Y u no continuous integration?