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Anonymous #1:
It is ok to be white. Problem is, everyone parroting phrases like that tend to be members of the extreme right. You guys make me embarrassed to be white.
Anonymous #2:
I feel the same about you, soyboi. Hopefully one day we get to fight it out. Go to the range as often as you can. We are.
Anonymous #2:
Also, if you're surprised at the growing right, I guess it doesn't take as much intelligence to be a code monkey as many of us would like to think. You can only tell us we are pieces of shit for so long until we start to push back. Again, ready yourself, faggot.
Anonymous #3:
When people argue about "right vs left" it sounds just as retarded as black vs white, christian vs muslim, etc.. just another way to label someone without critical thinking.
Anonymous #4:
Every day I see (((their))) plan to divide and conquer us work just a little bit more.
Anonymous #5:
Better than being black
Anonymous #6:
Guys, I found the edgelord, guys.