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Anonymous #1:
To be fair, if you're asking a question that *stackoverflow* deems simple, it's *definitely* the type of thing you should have figured out for yourself given that 99% of the stuff on so is stuff people should have figured out for themselves.
Anonymous #2:
Linus Torvalds usually reserves his tirades for people who kinda deserve it. I haven't seen him bash noobs who are humble and willing to improve. The IRC and Stackoverflow assholes are usually just sad nonproductive people with big egos and few actual accomplishments to show for it. Putting down newbies is the only way they can feed their grandiose self-image, because they fail at getting actual stuff done. Most of them are pretty miserable if that gives you any solace.
Anonymous #3:
Hey guys, I found the help vampire. I do my part to keep jackoffs like this off my section of s.o.
#3: As if anyone ever visits your cuck section
If I were to ask you to help identify a design pattern, would that be a dumb question? I read SO's meta last night and it says it's NOT a help site - so what the fuck is it then??
Anonymous #4:
From personal experience, people that are but hurt about the way they been treated after asking a question, are the people that are deserve to be treated that way, they can't be bothered to do their research, they don't use the search function, they don't try to break the problem in the simplest issue that they can reproduce and demand to be helped or worst they assume that they are smarter than everyone else and anyone who asks them additional questions is wasting their time. SO is not a help site, it's a knowledge base, the difference being that everyone expects that you do your homework before you ask a question, present the question in a certain way and you are willing to work from generic guidelines not demand to be spoon fed everything. At a first glance, your question about design patterns would be off topic in Stack Overflow (Stack Overflow deals with the practical aspects of programming, you should try Software Engineering Stack Exchange).
Anonymous #5:
Nah, it's a question site alright, with zero-effort questions from people who probably only program at gunpoint on one end and insecure autismo blowhards who probably got beat up in school and deserved it on the other (and a few decent people too, on both ends). "It's not a question site, it's a knowledge base!" - sounds like a bloody TV commercial. People ask questions, receive answers. That makes it a question and answer site. I got tired of dealing with both groups of people and left SO. I suspect the autismo half of the site started enforcing the Stack Overflow/Software Engineering Stack Exchange split only to get more stuff to bitch to newbies about, because it seems bloody stupid with all the overlap you would get.
Anonymous #5:
#4: Also, you don't need to ape all the we don't do your homework for you and spoonfeeding shit you read. What a goddamn flock of sheep.
Anonymous #4:
@#5 a question and answer site would mean that anyone would receive a specific answer for a very specific question, however questions on SO are a lot more generic and the majority of users do not actually ask or respond to questions, just use it for reference. So no, it's not a question and answer site.
#4: I was gonna click on the Questions (I'll let that one slip) link to the right of the StackOverflow and quote some of the most recent questions, but I got lazy, so I'll just settle for this quote from the Welcome to Stack Overflow page instead: "Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers." Apparently the site admins don't know what the fuck the site is about.
Anonymous #4:
@#5 You haven't settled anything. The fact that all the rules are focused on increasing the quality of the questions (removing duplicates, editing to improve, voting ans so on) and the fact that overwhelming majority of the users do not use it as a Q&A site proves that it's not a Q&A site despite it's description. Of course they call it a Q&A site, otherwise no one will ask questions, so no new content will be generated. But believe what you want, even if it's a Q&A site, still doesn't mean you should not do your homework before you ask, nor that you should feel entitled to receive an answer.
#4: Dude, you don't have to imitate those guys. As mentioned previously, most of them are the way they are out of having a huge unfed ego. Break the shitty trend.
Anonymous #4:
@#5 I don't see anyone holding a gun to your head to continue this thread. What was that about having an feeding your ego ? I'm rather enjoying myself proving you wrong, so I don't care to stop
#4: If I had wanted to feed my ego, I would've put a put-down related to the open-goal surrealistic Stack Overflow is not a Q&A site reasoning (heck, I think I already did, but you kept going). Seriously, don't imitate those guys. They are morons. You're propagating the problem.
Anonymous #6:
@#5 Yea, right, and the fact that you insist on having the last word isn't at all related to your ego. As for the "put-down", dude, you need to have the brains to do that, all you did is quote some description and spew some insults, I don't see any real argument from you.
Anonymous #7:
S.O. is cancer.