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Anonymous #1:
It sounds to me like you're describing people that are protecting their turf. I haven't met that many programmers like that - maybe a handful over the years. The worst I have seen, especially over the past few years are the UX guys. They make the most obvious and bland observations seem like they are speaking words of genius, and they have an outsized sense of importance when weighed against their actual contribution or amount of value added.
Anonymous #2:
I, like anon #1, haven't met many programmers like that. Mostly in senior positions - see "protecting their turf". About your other point: Yes, a software company would absolutely fall apart without its developers. I can see why some of them would be smug about that - using that as an excuse to make others unwelcome, though, just makes them bad people.
Anonymous #3:
They were marginalized and treated like scum, just like you are now, when they started. After coasting for a few years, now they're the senior. They're in charge. And you, puny n00b, now it's your turn to be scum. Rinse and repeat.
Anonymous #4:
Oh I've had experience with this. I can translate: "Boohoo, why do the people who do actual concrete work get to be important. Boohoo anyone who can't upload information into my head with no effort on my part is arrogant."