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Anonymous #1:
I don't even like that app yet I have to use it, it's only adding up to the pile of distractions we live around with. At most people are more careful about not breaking my bubble with some stupid question or gossip.
Anonymous #2:
At least people are communicating at all. Employees at my company simply don't talk to one another.
Go Fuck Yourself
You first
Anonymous #3:
OK but like you don't have to read the messages
Anonymous #4:
I was recently in the process of coordinating with a colleague via email with my manager cc'ed. My manager decided that we we all needed to have a conference call. The conference call took 3 email exchanges to arrange and took 30 minutes to get going on the day of the call. The conference call consisted of my manager just listening in while we basically repeated the email conversation we were already having and then reached the same conclusion. I work for a software company. We're computer experts for a living. We deliver a web-based product.
Anonymous #4:
By the way, "just have an intense meeting a get shit figured out" gung ho mentality is a great way to get a bunch of retarded narcissists to circlejerk their way through a 60% solution and then pat themselves on the back for being so productive. Frequently even the "simple" problems in software require a little more consideration than you'll out of a bunch of douches in their business personas drawing little squares on a whiteboard for 12 minutes. That stuff is theater. The real work happens when developers decide they actually give a shit even when giving a shit is frustrating.
Anonymous #5:
I feel you @Anonymous #4
Anonymous #6:
Can someone explain to me what is the fucking hype with Slack ? My company switched from some internal shit application to Slack, and I never thought I would say this: the shit application was way better suited to our needs that this crap. I really don't get it ? What is so revolutionary about Slack ?
Anonymous #7:
@anon6 I feel the same way, but I think it’s just the casuals figuring out what IRC is. Probably why they’re casuals.