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Anonymous #1:
Is the button in some retarded place that doesn't make it clear what it deletes? I won't put it past your team being the morons without more information.
Anonymous #2:
Yes, at the end of each row is a delete button to delete a single user. Extremely confusing stuff.
Anonymous #3:
They probably didn't even try to figure it out. Just bounce it back to them with instructions. Don't delete it for them, they'll be asking you to wipe their ass next time.
Anonymous #4:
#2: Is it a list of users? What does each row consist of? Could it be confused for deleting something else? Is it easy to see? You have a potential UI fail on your hands, so dig into what your user's thought process was. I'm only nagging because I've seen too many cases where fucking horrible teams blamed the users for their own incompetence.
Anonymous #4:
Another thing to look out for: Have users previously had to do things in unintuitive or unnecessarily complicated ways? Enough of that and they will no longer trust the obvious thing to work. Learn from users. Usually the problem is you.
Apparently #4 can't read instructions either. Dang.
Keep in mind that I'm talking about a person who isn't able to tell me whether they are using MS Word or Notepad... It is a simple CRUD app.
OP, we've all seen it. It's fine, #3 gave good advice. I've worked with CIOs that needed help with their email. You just have to be patient.