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Anonymous #1:
Those are software companies. A company that doesn't generate revenue from software tends to go cheap on talent. Like insurance companies, banks, retailers, consumer goods, etc.
Anonymous #2:
I've read code from researchers, believe me they don't know how to program.
Anonymous #3:
Agree with #2 I had seen even Code from CERN and the LHC, horrible...
Anonymous #4:
And the variable naming of famous professor Niklaus Wirth comes to mind too.
Anonymous #5:
I haven't really seen any code from research or academic people - but I could imagine that it's not particularly good since it's likely just theoretical stuff or examples that really have no consequences for not working.
Anonymous #6:
Some game developers were started by very very good programmers. I'm thinking companies like iD, Unreal, etc
Anonymous #6:
Academic people actually tend not to be that good at the practical art of programming.