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Anonymous #1:
War gerade sehr verwirrt eine deutsche Beichte zu lesen.
Anonymous #2:
Probably because you can't operate under perceived pressure, and are somewhat useless in an actual working environment.
Anonymous #3:
God bless you
Anonymous #4:
Get your foreigner bullshit out of here
Anonymous #5:
Everyone is a foreigner, somewhere.
Anonymous #6:
Since when did German become an international language? Bitte auf Englisch, mein Freund. Sonst wäre es noch sinnvoller das Ding hier auf Sanskrit zu standardisieren. There are way more Indian programmers than German.
Anonymous #7:
Aber, aber, Unbekannter #6. Ein bisschen Kontakt mit Fremdsprachen hat noch niemandem geschadet! ;-)
It is so funny when English speakers try to speak foreign languages :) Like they are incapable to pronounce the words. They say"König" as "Kooonig" instead of "KÖÖÖÖnig" and "le chien" as "lee kien" instead of "lö shieeen"... not to mention Lating...this phrase: "Ecce homo", they say "Ikki homo" instead of "Ekceeee homo"... :)
Anonymous #8:
@#6 That's probably why most software nowadays are so buggy and inefficient.