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Sad for You:
There are better places man. Don't know what you're status or experience amount to, but I say GET OUT. From personal experience, I have found that changing jobs every year or year and half, with purpose, is really the only way to develop yourself the right way, and get paid what you deserve. I was in your situation, and what I did was eventually told the boss in as nice of a way possible, just what said up there. You are dis-empowering the team, which however you slice it, is bad for business. Do that and don't react to any response you get from your boss, and see what happens. You'll get something out of it either way. If you get fired, or asked to resign as a result, so be it. Its tough to grow those balls, but after I did, my life became infinitely better and low and behold folks start wanting to put you in charge.
Anonymous #1:
However big of a genius Jobs was, I don't think he ever reached the heights of confluence formatting perfection. Maybe in his next life.
I echo what @Sad for You posted. Be brave. I say this as a person who has walked into interviews and put my dick on the table. Figuratively speaking of course. It pays off sometimes.
Yeah confront it in a positive way. Warning though don't expect backing from others in the team even if they say they are supportive - when it comes right down majority don't rock the boat and want the next payslip - have rent or mortgages to pay etc
Anonymous #2:
@AhBosses, probably the reason I usually speak my mind and take no shit. I have no debts, a pile of cash and passive income that I could live on.