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Anonymous #1:
Normies get out. REEEEEEEEEE
Anonymous #2:
Society doesn't care.
Anonymous #3:
How did society reject you?
Anonymous #4:
In fairness Norm Macdonald is a pretty awesome norm, maybe you should rethink?
What about Norm from that old TV show cheers
Anonymous #3:
show was great, n
Anonymous #5:
Anonymous #6:
The only people that are reliably shunned by "society" are people who deserve it (criminals, pedos, etc). Either you're one of those or, more likely, you're just overreacting.
crotch bucket:
@#6, most likely, "society" just doesn't give a shit. Just like OP.
Anonymous #7:
Anon #6 is textbook just world fallacy
Anonymous #8:
do everyone a favor and kill yourself
Anonymous #9:
Don't worry you will grow and be ok... Like most people. Everyone has felt this anger in one way or another. Eventually they get bored of it and find a way to not be bitter.
Anonymous #10:
I felt like this at 13. Are you a teenager?