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Anonymous #1:
Companies don't care about you. They'd literally work you to death if it were legal. The only thing you can do is tell them no.
Anonymous #2:
If he wanted you to come in just to open the door for him, that's more important than your back. You are his slave and less than human to him.
Anonymous #3:
If you put his wishes ahead of your health, that makes you his slave.
Anonymous #4:
"Because it's important" - to him, but he somehow forgot to explain why it should be of any interest to you while you're home sick. The appropriate response in this case is "I understand it's important to you, I still can't come in, sorry".
Anonymous #5:
You are way more important as any "project" could ever be. Listen to your pain, it is important not to ignore it to not make it permanent. Know what I'm talking about. Am out of ANY work since 1,5 yrs because of fucking permanent back pain issues. Should have listened to the signals earlier. Fuck your boss :-/