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Anonymous #1:
Political correctness will end us all.
Anonymous #2:
Anonymous #3:
Don't forget shit management. The trend now is to hire MBA's or whatever to be direct managers of developers. People with no experience at all with software development.
Anonymous #4:
Don't forget the clear downtrend of tender butts. Why even bother.
Anonymous #4:
We will end political correctness, #1
Anonymous #5:
I agree with: "Egos, 1000 frameworks, agile shite" BUT I wanna trade "political correctness" for "bitter, socially incompatible, hateful community". Amen.
Anonymous #6:
>assuming you must be bitter and hateful if you don't want to jump on the PC train did you have your soylent today, big guy?
Anonymous #7:
15 years is a long time though.
Bitter and hateful? No, just fed up I suppose...
Anonymous #8:
Fuck the frameworks. All of them.