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Anonymous #1:
almost like a nightmare how this has all turned out. laughing at her thinking this would all be over in a couple months. *** we roomed with some marines who fought at the start of 9/11** I TOLD YOU THIS WOULDN"T BE AN EASY WIN. You and your sister both strippers. Sister has four nigger half breed babies, lol. My god. We are living a fucking nightmare. How many more years till I can kill myself without any guilt?
Anonymous #2:
Anonymous #3:
What we have here is a racist having a breakdown.
Lol out of that mess somehow you conclude that OP is a "racist".
Anonymous #4:
No killing yourself soldier. Fight white genocide, do not contribute to it.
Anonymous #5:
what is this even about? Always thought my English was solid, but I have no idea what you are talking about
@#5, beats the hell out of me.
Anonymous #6:
Wtf?? This isn't about code
Anonymous #7:
white power!!