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Anonymous #1:
do you suck a mean dick? i can think of one easy out
Anonymous #2:
leave. It won't get any better. Are you in an "Agile" shop?
Anonymous #3:
I currently work in a place that is very much into the idea of "jumping on the newest shit whenever possible". In less than 2 years we have had 2 issue trackers, 2 chat clients, 4 ways to do conference calls, 3 CI tools, 2 different place to store our repos, a web app that is written in PHP and Go that is switching to Node, and everything is being containerized in Docker because fucking reasons. We have 5 different teams and no one has ever hit a deadline or had a good burndown chart. This will be your future OP.
Anonymous #4:
What's a burndown chart?
Anonymous #5:
I empathize.
Anonymous #6:
Meantime in the other confession: New job, new challenges, new stress. Also that moment when you realize everything at your old position wasn't quite as bad as you thought.
Anonymous #7:
Go over his head? Don't you have a manager or something? Last I checked team leads are at the bottom of the food chain just above you.
Anonymous #8:
I have the opposite problem: we have an old and cluncky stack and the senior engineers don't incourage innovation because they didn't keep up with the technologies and they prefer to struggle with the old and known problems instead of improving the quality and expertise...
Anonymous #9:
Get to work. That is what you are paid for.
Anonymous #10:
its all the same shit. gimme json, pdfs, or vids. dont care if its node, go, apache, nginx or email. shit id b cool if ur mom served it up on rollerblades