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Anonymous #1:
Are you coding on a 5 inch screen or something?
Anonymous #2:
We used to get dinged for white space but storage got so cheap it didn't make sense to fret over it. I would recommend just following the standard style
dafp tank:
People who opens { in new lines should die
#2: Feigned levelheadedness isn't in anymore. Have some goddamn strong opinions.
Anyone who thinks larger screens means you no longer have to care about keeping functions short should and readable, please leave the industry.
I always put the starting { in a new line. It is way more readable as it looks like a head - neck - body structure while putting in the same line looks like a head-body structure. Obviously, it is better to have a proper structure. Also, who put it in the same line, they tend to add code in the same line as well and when they debug, they can't tell if the condition is wrong or the code in the same line. Put starting { in a new line and it looks professional.
Ron: So *nix kernels look unprofessional? When I see { on a separate line, I immediately think "shit code" (and often also "professional game dev"... there's a lot of overlap).
Here, let's annoy the shit out of all the blind programmers: for(var i = 0; i < laughs.length;i++) {lol++;}
FuckIT: Add some goddamn spaces. How have you seen hundreds of people do it correctly yet still manage to mess it up?
Anonymous #3:
least of my worries when I regularly inherit 150-200 line methods to work on (blank lines and comments omitted)