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I feel you. I have moderate SA, but sometimes I really hate having it. I don't know if cognitive-behavioral groups can help this.
Anonymous #1:
There are drugs for that. I don't understand why some people refuse to be medicated, or seek some other kind of professional assistance, for things like this. Not that you, OP, are refusing treatment. I just know a bunch of people who would rather suffer than do something about it, and they piss me off.
Anonymous #2:
^ that's the view of someone who doesn't understand the implications and problems that taking anti-depressants can create. it's not a magic cure-all fix. i'm not saying that they don't work for the right people, just that they don't work on everyone and in fact cause more harm than good in others.
Anonymous #3:
Anonymous #1: For some of us, the SA itself makes it impossible for us to admit to anyone that we have SA, because appearing not-ordinary is exactly what we're terrified of. Sure, we're huge pussies, but that's what SA _is_ is some sense.