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Anonymous #1:
Codies are fucking pathetic compared to hardware engineers regardless. Fuck off.
Anonymous #2:
Wow, the jealousy of the mediocre on display.
Anonymous #1:
#2: Do you have a Wikipedia article, or do you suck too hard for people to have cared about you at that level? :D
Anonymous #3:
I don't usually run into that, thankfully.
Anonymous #4:
But one could just make their own wiki article...
Anonymous #5:
I have no life or hobbies and I have pushed out my loved ones with my ego. All the while my boss who can barely use a computer makes $50k more than I do. But I know how to reverse a binary tree so please respect me because I have nothing else worth any tangible value in my existence. ;_;
Anonymous #2:
Haters gonna hate. Wish I could bottle and sell all this envy.
Anonymous #6:
The vast majority of people writing software do not work for Google or Facebook. I could care less.
Anonymous #7:
#5 gets it
Anonymous #8:
#6: What would make you care less? What's the part that makes you care at least somewhat?
Anonymous #9:
the salary difference would be the only reason to care at all.
Anonymous #9:
**do realize you're just doing couldn't care less vs could care less...