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Anonymous #1:
Oh dude. You don't even know. I had a UK company contact me, and when I quoted them 2012 contract rates (because the project was cool) they came back saying they were used to paying Soviet-Bloc prices. Hahahahahahahaha whatever dude. You called me.
Anonymous #2:
Pay peanuts get monkeys.
Anonymous #3:
^ the problem is it's the whole UK that pays like shit.
Anonymous #4:
You limey faggots should just all jump into the Thames and drown.
Anonymous #5:
you stupid yanks. you think your tech industry is just going to keep growing forever? LMAO watch it crumble fuckers .
Anonymous #6:
This whole industry is a fucking joke.
Anonymous #7:
I've had people approach me for a full-stack role at 25K a year. Fuck that. I told the recruiter he's gonna have a hard time finding anyone who fits that bill. Find a company that will pay you what you're worth.
Anonymous #8:
@7 its rampant in London. its like no one will pay any more than 25-28k for a full stack dev no matter what. I didn't study this much and work this hard to be on a pathetic wage where i can't even rent a flat.
Anonymous #9:
The time to leave the UK has come and gone friend. Unchecked immigration from a government that never gave a toss about anyone under 40. Good luck getting a girl and a house while you wait for someone else to enforce decent wages. I left in 05 and never looked back at New India. Quality of life is destroyed.