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Anonymous #1:
Converse, what the hell I haven't seen a pair of those in years.
Anonymous #2:
Upset, online.
I'm Gen X supposedly, and a lot of my peers have no practical skills. I have had construction jobs and chores growing up so I guess I picked up enough skills to get by.
Anonymous #3:
It just so happens that if you don't know about some pleb handyman shit you can look it up and learn how to do it within 10 minutes on Youtube. You old shitbirds are so lost in current day society that you have to strut what little knowledge you have because you are so insecure. The world has passed you by and your temper tantrums mean nothing.
Anonymous #4:
Interesting.... just do what YouTube tells you to do. Will be curious to see how all this turns out....
Anonymous #5:
yes just do what youtube tells you to.. i LOL when i see anyone under 30 calling themselves a professional. life has not yet given you the chance to be professional at anything. be humble, walk in your shoes, stop trying to reinvent the fucking wheel.
Anonymous #3:
Filthy millenial checking in. Watched a youtube video on how to replace a doorknob 5 years ago. Installed it based on what I learned and its functioning great till this day. Never felt the urge to disrespect an entire generation afterwards. YMMV
Anonymous #6:
Anonymous #7:
#3, nice try coach young!! i haven't heard someone say shitbirds unironically since senior year football. and you outed yourself as an old person.
Anonymous #8:
Fix a door handle? Wtf? That's what people who didn't graduate high school are for, silly OP.
Anonymous #9:
Go back to your World of Warcraft allright. It's not our fault you failed a raid.