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Anonymous #1:
It's true. I guess if you're an old woman or black guy you might have a shot at it. I suspect Google is ate up with a certain political type. Just dumb. Most people keep their politics out of their work places.
Anonymous #2:
The 40 year old Virgin
Anonymous #3:
Look up Dan Lyons on youtube. He has some fun stories about HubSpot and ageism.
Anonymous #4:
That's why you do all your hip startup shit when you're young and don't know any better. Once you reach your mid to late 30's get a senior level gig at some huge bank or healthcare organization. From there you have stability and can coast without worrying about getting fucked over because you're too old at some tech company that will pivot twice every year.
Anonymous #5:
Isn't the CEO over 40? Your argument is invalid.
Anonymous #6:
"Once you reach your mid to late 30's get a senior level gig at some huge bank or healthcare organization" Ha. You have a lot to learn.
Anonymous #7:
Please explain Anon #6. Or are you simply trying to look smart?
@#7, I'm not sure why #6 found this amusing, but in my experience people aren't walking out of "hip startup shit" into senior level gigs at "huge banks" or any other large corporation. I've worked at the huge banks on occasion, with VPs, directors, etc. and they either did 10 years or so at that org or was hired out of another bank. I'm not saying it's not possible but it's not a common career path, to be certain.
Anonymous #8:
Instead of trying to pretend like old people don't suck, accept that growing old is fucking horrible in every way and work towards fixing aging.
"Isn't the CEO over 40? Your argument is invalid." - are you deliberately posting dumb shit??? The CEO is over 40 but the overwhelming majority of employees are in their 20's and early 30's. Google is the new Logan's Run!! (I thought I'd counter-troll you )
Anonymous #9:
Somehow I feel like OP would be perfectly happy so long as all the men over 40 could get jobs. Or even, so long as he personally could find a job ("got mine", am I right?). There has been lots of discussion about ageism in tech and there are initiatives out there, but they generally don't position themselves at odds with half the population for no reason. No wonder HR keeps screening you out.