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Anonymous #1:
Nice place to visit for a few days but after that I'm ready to get the blank out.
Anonymous #2:
I hate this fucking city. Full of immigrants, dickheads and cocksucking pieces of shit left right and centre. Fuck them all. I'm out.
Anonymous #3:
Lol dang. Sounds rough. I'm so thankful we don't have many immigrants where I live.
Anonymous #4:
^ I don't mind immigrants. My parents are immigrants. It's the CALIBRE of the immigrants we have now that bothers me. All unwilling to integrate, no desire to genuinely contribute to the country, generally filthy people with no concept of cleanliness or maintaining order, no pride in community, petty thieves, all round just shit people that for some reason we have an abudance of.
Anonymous #3:
@#4, I know what you mean. Note that I wrote "many" immigrants. If they come in a little at a time they seem more serious about setting up shop and joining in with the community. Not a problem. If they come in as a batch they typically end up just recreating the hellhole they were so desperate to abandon.