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Anonymous #1:
Yes please. I'm tired of the racist / sexist / homophobic jokes at work.
Anonymous #2:
Same, so sick of the borderline inappropriate comments that go unpunished
Anonymous #3:
Condemned for use of the term "brogrammer". Hopefully you'll repent your evil ways and be at peace in eternity.
Anonymous #4:
If Damore is your idea of a brogrammer, you're a fucking retarded nigger.
Anonymous #5:
Lol #4
anon hidden:
I switched all my browser search defaults to Bing. Google has some good products but they need to get themselves sorted out. I already switched to Bing maps several years ago, Google maps didn't have English names on foreign countries. Not sure if that's been fixed. Bing has some other good map features I like anyway.
Anonymous #6:
The pure number of Condemns shows how fucked in the head this community is...
Anonymous #7:
programmers/code monkeys, or what ever you call them, need to grow up and act like adults and not overgrown children. whats a matter, your mommy didn't love you?
Anonymous #8:
#6, you can leave anytime you want.
Anonymous #8:
jeez, how fucked in the head this community must be for not wanting to purge everyone who doesn't agree with one point of view. you do realize this basically means you are a mental midget, right? kill yourself.
Anonymous #9:
@ #7: Who the hell pissed in your cereals?
Anonymous #10:
No more sneaky office Bj's ?? :(
tfw I posted this to troll and measure responses I fucking love science!