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Anonymous #1:
I don't understand the mentality, how does someone with no development experience get into that position? It's not Agile.
Anonymous #2:
hate the game, not the playa
Anonymous #3:
go where the money is
Anonymous #4:
If you already have the technical skills, the social skills, and the skills to be a scrum master, why don't you go after a job like that? The right company would throw themselves at you if you had all of the above. Until then realize that being able to talk is far more valuable than being able to create in corporate America.
H1-B Hatred™:
Today our "Scrum master" asked US to write sub tasks. She is so stupid and has no idea what programming is, she HASN'T EVER WRITTEN a single line of code. All she DOES is watch videos on YouTube, while we DO her job and she GETS paid much more than us. I fucking hate her.