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The best times to get work done is when others aren't around.
The higher-ups put us in cubicles with low walls because someone told them that the open environment increases collaboration and productivity. I also cannot get any work done until everyone else leaves at 5.
You guys need some good headphones. Also if you bang you head every few minutes coworkers are a lot less likely to disturb you
I think it's more so the part where you're being watched while you code that puts me off rather than people talking and disrupting you.
I used to work in a company where all staff were in the same room, separated by low cubicle walls. The graduate sales team was put in the centre of the room, stretching from one end to the other - mere feet from practically every other department. The development "area" was placed between the sales guys and the helpdesk, so we were constantly guaranteed to hear people talking on the phone, chatting to each other, and shouting across the room. Even after I spent a fortune on a good pair of noise cancelling in-ear earphones, I still got distracted by people waving their arms around and throwing paper at each other.