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Anonymous #1:
Do you work for a jew?
Anonymous #2:
You got CUCKED, OP. That's what happens when you're a weak sissyboy who loves gargling on CORPORATE COCK.
Anonymous #3:
the pity here is that they will let the work probably go undone until everythingvstops working.
Anonymous #4:
What's the process of being fired in America? Are you just told to pack your stuff up and get out? Then escorted out?
Anonymous #5:
@#4, sometimes yes.
In my case, they put their tech support person on my stuff. I’m happy to be free of the bullshit, but I’ll definitely miss the paycheck.
Anonymous #6:
Let this be a lesson: never work hard for a company you don't own. It's never worth it.
Anon 4:
Seems quite impersonal to just be told to pack your stuff and get out. What if you've been a great servant to the company?
Anonymous #7:
@Anon4: I can only speak for my place of business, but yes they'll fire you (usually after a corrective action plan) and typically have an neutral manager walk you to your desk and watch while you pack your things, then walk you out. For extreme offenses/combative employees they'll fire you, have security walk you out and just mail your "stuff" to you later.
I got walked out after turning in a two weeks notice once. Didn't care since I was leaving anyway, but a low class move by my employer.
Anonymous #8:
And companies wonder why there is no loyalty. It's a two way street you corporate clowns...
Anonymous #9:
You need some research before any move of this kind. Surely you're not the only person waiting for a rise. Any of your peers got one? Why? If everyone trying the same got fired, what made you think you had succed?