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Anonymous #1:
One just called me during dinner... I told him twice that I was eating dinner and would call him back and he just kept plugging away... so I hung up on him.
Anonymous #2:
Bud bud bud
Anonymous #3:
Try to learn their language, perhaps... they are a lot more than English speaking people around the world :)
Anonymous #2:
And most of them can't speak it properly
@anon #3, When I go to India to recruit Indians, I will learn their language. Until such time, I expect people calling me on the phone to be understandable and if not the conversation is ended.
Anonymous #4:
The problem is that some people think they are English mother tongue and don't make any effort to make others understand them.
Anonymous #5:
Get rid of your LinkedIn profile. Did that about a year ago and they all finally fucked off.
@Anon #5, I have it locked down... I'm guessing my resume got into a system somewhere and it opened the floodgates. I don't really want to delete my LinkedIn profile, I do like to keep in touch with professional contacts. And for the record, I don't do any other "social media", I have facebook but never go on there and I dabbled with Twitter years ago and dropped it after a few days.
Anonymous #6:
I had this one too. "You write on bango?", I'm like whaaaat?, "Your write apps on banjo?". It turns out he was asking if I have experience with Django.