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Typical user interface developer
Anonymous #1:
what does this even mean
Anonymous #2:
It means OP thinks bash scripting and VMs work fine, so why fix what ain't broke? All that complicated technology you millennials use, who needs it *sips monster*
Anonymous #3:
Docker is a good idea executed terribly. I mean, containerization sounds really great until you realize with Docker this exclusively means "Linux containers". Want to have a container with, say, FreeBSD in it? Tough shit. Want to use it on macOS or Windows? Well, you see, host and container are coupled really tightly so you need to wait until the compatibility layer is ready and even when it is, a thousand random things are broken so you're better off with a Linux host. Better stick to VMs.
Anonymous #4:
anon3 container is a technical term and it really means a division of the same os, so "container with different OS" is a nonsensical idea but pretty much a VM
Anonymous #5:
I use docker on my Mac just fine. VMs are often too heavy duty for many use cases.
Docker is better than Vagrant and I don't understand the complaint about it being solely a Linux based solution. First of all that isn't even true... but even if it was.... it is meant to replace a LAMP stack.... Any guesses on what the "L" in that stands for?!?!?
Anonymous #6: