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Anonymous #1:
My company uses stock photos of random people, with minorities mixed in. People no one has ever seen and who never worked at my company. Usually standing around a white board smiling.
Anonymous #2:
#1: It's gotten so silly here that they use the token white guy, if they include a white guy at all. All but two of my colleagues are awkward white guys.
It's the dream endgame for corporate. An industry so watered down they can interview for new help like girly department stores do. Not there yet.
Anonymous #1:
@#2, we don't have any black developers, as far as I know we never have. We have tons of Indian developers, which ironically the stock photos don't include any.
Anonymous #3:
Are they shaming you? Yes. Your "style" is not good optics.
Anonymous #4:
#3: It's fucking great optics -- unpretentious and non-narcissistic. The real deal. No one wants to see hipsters jerk off to the mirror.
Anonymous #5:
OP needs new meds.
Anonymous #6:
Seriously? :-D "_REAL_" Developers. Coding skills depend on sex, clothes, what you eat and how fat your ass is you assume :-D You made my day.
Anonymous #7:
#6: Are you a tranny or something?
Anonymous #8:
You forgot the obligatory Apple Mac Book Pro.