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Anonymous #1:
He has you. And probably he has you on facebook as well.
Anonymous #2:
All he needed was some good lawyers, baby.
Anonymous #3:
He knows how to spiritcook
Anonymous #4:
Zuckerberg is/was a great programmer. He's transparently autistic with zero empathy for other people, but you can still be objective about it.
Anonymous #5:
Zuckerberg is/was a great reptillian.
@#4, just because someone is autistic doesn't make them a good programmer, or a programmer at all.
Anonymous #4:
n: That's not what I'm getting at. Reading about the guy, he's clearly extremely competent as a programmer.
Anonymous #6:
Have you seen his code? His code might be fast but if it's not readable then it's still not good code. Look at quake 3 source for an example of fast code that no-one except Carmack can read.
Anonymous #5:
But Carmack is allowed to constantly dong hang. Cuckberg isn't.
Anonymous #7:
#6: Why do you feel the need to put down people smarter than you?
So if Einstein gave you a shitheap of crap code to maintain, you'd not be critical? You're a fucking wimp that settles for mediocrity.