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Anonymous #1:
Earned my goddamn MBA:
The degree means they put in the time and managed to pass their classes. It doesn't mean they tried hard. Someone in my capstone was barely competent and tried to plagiarize his portion of our final project.
Earned my goddamn MBA:
He passed, BTW.
Anonymous #2:
They ask for it to be like X, you clarify that they really want X because it's a weird request, they say they NEED it to be like X so you do it like X. A year later everything has gone to hell in their corner of the world because they assumed the system would work like Y, why doesn't it work like Y? You tell them it was intentionally designed to work like X. They say that's weird and it should never have been done that way. Same person, original request is still logged, in detail, in writing, they definitely asked it to work like X. Hmmm.