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Anonymous #1:
See, as soon as you call someone a "faggot" I see you as a provincial juvenile who will rightly get left behind. And I don't care that that makes you angry.
Anonymous #2:
I hate the nice one too.
Anonymous #3:
Dude, where the hell did you find a "nice" one ? All I get are morons. You would think that at the rate they replicate, a few nice ones would exist, but I can't seem to find them.
I hate the ones that over engineer a solution or create a mess of scripts and bullshit that requires hours of manual manipulations. It's like they don't understand the fundamental purpose of IT in general.
Anonymous #3:
@n, no they understand it very well: from their perspective IT is an easy job that can make their life better, which means obfuscated code, suboptimal solutions and manual intervention with all the crap that comes with it is good for them, it creates more work. Blame the managers who think that paying 10% for a indian guy who craps all over the code is cheaper than hiring a real programmer that will do a good job for a real salary.
@#3, that's THEIR purpose, sure, not the fundamental purpose. And I hear what you're saying. That's why we get bullshit management and consultants - they think they can set up a "system" that supports plugging in cheap labor and still is successful. WRONG.
pleas send me the codes k