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Anonymous #1:
I doubt it, can you even write a compiler?
Anonymous #2:
I'd suck your cock, daddy
Anonymous #3:
I feel sorry for ya, because you're "already" 40 years old (me too btw) and you still have such an unbalanced, unreflective and unrelaxed personality. Still in this competition mode, that's not healthy mate.
Anonymous #3:
nah you're not 40 .. 40 yrs experience? my fault. makes it even worse though :-)
Anonymous #2:
#3: So mature. I'll blow you too if you want to.
Anonymous #4:
I have the skills but waning interest.
I'm that guy who said it. I'm happy for you. Though what I said remains true. I know what an uphill battle it is for you to remain glued to this tech treadmill that IT is. It's not one I care to fight for. PS: Learning core javascript and trading that in for Angular isn't an achievement. No more than shitting in a urinal is an upgrade to a toilet.