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Anonymous #1:
reality check?
I might call them and tell them they are way, way off.
Anonymous #2:
Why would you fuck up someone's dream job, op?
Not sure what you mean... I'm sure if someone wants to work as a Sr. Architect for 40K that a company somewhere will be happy to hire them.
40K? Thats over 3300$ a month. It is enough to have a decent house, a car (or two) and support your wife and children. In my country, it is top salary.
Anonymous #3:
@Ron, it's Not in the USA or in Europe, is it?
Anonymous #4:
Ron, $40k for a senior job is fuck all. I make more than that and I'm essentially a glorified code monkey.
Not sure where you live Ron, I get paid over three times that, and most Sr Architects are going to be 120k and up anyway.
Anonymous #5:
I live in a 3rd world country and make 3 times that as a Sr dev.
Anonymous #6:
@Ron - I started at the bottom of the food chain twelve years ago at 40K, and I live in an area with a fairly low cost of living (and by extension lower salaries than most other places). So ya, that's a bit low.
Anonymous #7:
They probably found average salary data for Jr & thought Sr and Jr were the same thing. 😋 Or they're just desperate and delusional.
I live in Central Europe and my salary is around 12K$ a year...I've been working for almost 10 years (though I do it half-steam). I need to move to another country :D