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Anonymous #1:
i'd put in at least 80 if there was a ping-pong table close by.
Anonymous #2:
So over the whole "we have at-work perks!!" crap. Obviously designed to keep you in your chair, at work, for as long as possible. Even if it is "voluntary". Bullshit.
Anonymous #3:
This is a software company, and they only expect you to work 40 hours a week?
@anon3: Yes, this was the maximum allowed by law here for many years.
Anonymous #4:
40 h is a great work/life balance, if it was possible. Somehow those stupid fucks do not understand that as a developer you can't magically turn your brain off. All my great ideas were outside the office doing some apparently unrelated shit.
@OP, ooooh I see. You come from one of *those* countries. FYI developers in the U.S. see this post and think it's absolutely fucking adorable.